Water tank Waterproofing


Seepage and leakage in overhead and underground tanks aid in the growth of algae and fungus and make your health and structure of tank weak and unstable.

Don’t worry we are here to help you, we not only prevent your structure from collapsing but also make the water tank safe for drinking.

Before applying waterproofing solution to the desired area, the area must be made smooth and must be cleaned from dirt, oil and other loose particles. Then we repair the cracks or any other damage using a thin mortar that can fill cracks in masonry. After the filling become dry we apply the first waterproofing coating using trowel and second coating after four hours. This coating is cement based and is highly flexible from inside and outside.

We use a renowned product for waterproofing the tank used for drinking water, so that it will not hamper the taste, color and quality of water and is surely safe for your health.