Wall Waterproofing


wall seepagewall waterproofing
Are you suffering from water seepage, don’t worry we are here to help you.
We provide both internal and external wall waterproofing. Whatever is the reason of dampness in the wall, we will find the cause in a professional way whether it is due to the cracks through which water seeps inside or it’s a damages plaster, we will find it and fix it.

Sometimes, there is a gap left between window frames and masonry during masonry work. This gap widens with the passage of time creating a leakage problems. But don’t worry we can fix it without breaking the wall plaster to reach to the brick level to waterproof it.

The waterproof coating we apply has a quick drying property. So, it takes less time and job is done quickly. It is a tough and flexible coating. Coating is twice as thick as normal paint and it is resistant to algae and fungus.

There are exterior paints available in market that seems fancy and has a thickness of only 50-60 microns. That level of thickness does not provide much resistant to the water pressure. But we use waterproofing coating that is as thick as 110-120 microns to provide enough resistant to water pressure.