Swimming Pool Waterproofing


Leakage in swimming pools is frustrating but don’t worry we are here to address your frustration in more professional way. We use cement base products for treating leakage in swimming pool because they are ideal for such cases. Before applying cementitious waterproofing to the problem, we find the cause of leakage using underwater magic products. Causes may include holes, honeycombing, damage concrete or joints between vertical walls and ground.
Then before applying waterproofing material to the substrate we remove dust, oil and any other particles using grinders and fresh water only.

We apply 3 layers of waterproofing membrane, second and third layer is applied when the first layer has dried. Tests are conducted to make sure that the treated area has successfully become watertight. For testing, fill the pool at slow rate and for comparison fill the test vessel with water and keep it next to the pool.
Compare the level of water of pool and vessel and if you see a prominent loss of water then again investigate the specified area. And finally tiles are mounted after all the layers are dried up and we make sure that the tiles are aligned with other tiles.

Swimming Pool WaterproofingSwimming Pool