Roof Waterproofing


Roof is an important part of any structure that protects us from different weather conditions. But it is also directly affected by the sunlight, wind and rain so we need some measurements to protect it. We provide you mean which ensures that water is carried away from the building without causing any dampness in walls or roofs. Before applying waterproofing materials to roofs we prepare the surface of roof for waterproofing by cleaning, washing and removing dust, oil and grease.

We apply multiple coats of waterproofing co-polymer and cementitious waterproofing materials to gain the thickness of membrane. We mainly use liquid applied membrane (LAM) as it is not affected by weather conditions like humidity, rain or extreme hot weather.

We also use Pre-formed sheet membranes if needed. It is the polymer-modified bitumen membranes and it is applied by heat. They have recovery properties which make them suitable for contraction and expansion of a building in fluctuating temperature.

We also apply insulation on a roof of the building which keeps the building cold in hot weather. Insulation saves money as air conditioners will not be used much. We also take steps to protect insulation by applying vapor retarder such as plastic sheets between roof deck and insulation. We then apply roof membrane over insulation to make a roof system watertight.

Roof WaterproofingRoof Waterproofing