Basement Waterproofing


Basement CracksBasement Waterproofing
Are you trying to prevent wet basement? Or you are looking for any precautions to help you to prevent basement flooding in your home? You are in a right place as we provide you with basement waterproofing solutions.

Invest in us to protect what is yours and prevent your belongings from damaging.
We create a comprehensive solution to your problem, as every basement and situation is different from others and we need to know where the moisture could possibly come from.

We use the three methods to cope with your basement problems:

• Interior Sealants & Waterproofing: Cracks in the concrete foundations are sealed through special sealant materials. We also apply concrete waterproofing coating to concrete walls in basement.

• Exterior Waterproofing: We apply this to prevent the moisture damaging the foundation. Waterproofing coating is applied to the walls after excavating around the home to the bottom of foundation and directs the water down to drain system.

• Interior & Exterior Drainage: To keep the water from entering your home we set up a proper sump pump system in your basement that pumps the water out from your home.