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About Us

Our Company

ANWAR AL RAWDHA TECH L.L.C provides quality waterproofing services to commercial, industrial and residential customers.
We are experienced waterproofing contractors in UAE and among top waterproofing companies in Dubai You can depend on ANWAR AL RAWDHA TECH L.L.C roofing provider, as we provide quality services and affordable rates much less than in a market. Anything you want to do to your roof for preventing water leakage, we can do it for you.

We are leading service provider in the field of waterproofing, ANWAR AL RAWDHA will be definitely YOUR choice when it comes to reliable and premium services because we got the experience and innovative technologies which gives you the best services you deserve.

We specialize in solving problems such as water penetration through the foundation walls, mould, fungi, efflorescent build up and moisture.

Respiratory illness and other health problems can be caused by mould and fungi. Protect yourself and your family. Call us and leave your problems in our hands. We will definitely find best and affordable solution for you.

Water leakage occurs due to at least one of the following main factors:
• Lack of proper waterproofing
• Damaged foundation walls (cracks)
• Lack of maintenance.
• Topographical location of the structure (elevation)
• Seasonal water levels in the soil
• Type of fill around the home (clay, sand, rock or soil)

Each carried project caused by such factors is carefully analyzed, monitored, treated and finished with utmost professionalism and competence.

Our Mission

Anwar Al Rawdha waterproofing always tries to improve the value of relationship with customers and for this it is committed in understanding the needs of customers and provide them best waterproofing solutions. Also provide customers with products and services of high quality through well-established management system.

Our Vision

Anwar Al Rawdha waterproofing vision is to become the leading, respectable and preferred corporation which practice ethical values and technical challenges in a more professional way in order to achieve customer satisfaction.